meet Your Bookkeeping Partner

Hi! I'm Melissa.

I’m a bookkeeping professional with over 14 years of experience supporting custom builders with their financial management needs.

I know how overwhelming it can feel to juggle all the different roles while still working to grow a business. I founded Turquant Business Services to bring you calm and clarity.

I’ve helped my clients,

  • Get back an average of 320 hours every year
  • Save an average of $3,780 every year
  • Eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks


Stay focused on building your clients’ dream homes – while I ensure your financial records are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with relevant regulations.

emerge with calm clarity

Let's build the business and future of your dreams

The name Turquant (turquoise elephant) combines the calming strength of turquoise with the tenacity and determination of the elephant.

My goal is to help my clients face the challenges of their businesses and emerge with calm clarity.

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how it works

Working together is simple

My simple 3 step approach works because it considers your entire business as a whole. My specialized industry experience gives me the knowledge about what’s needed to strengthen your business. I’ve seen the roadblocks that come up along the way and I’m ready to help you overcome them and take your business to the next level.

Lay the foundation

To increase profits and cashflow, we need to lay a solid foundation for your business. We'll clean up your processes and procedures. This might include implementing new processes to ensure we're are getting the most accurate data possible.

Develop reports

Now that we have your foundation in place, I can provide you with meaningful data. I'll provide you with up-to-date and comprehensive reports. You'll finally have clarity on the performance of your business.

Build your future

It’s time to take your business to the next level! With your foundation and reporting in place, I can advise you to increase profits and maximize your income. I handle your books and guide you to stay on track.

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